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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ocat Business Promotion Service

1. What is Ocat Business Promotion Service?

Ocat Business Promotion is a service that helps businesses create online catalogs and promote them through content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). We create a subdomain of your website and populate it with "Catalog Ads" and "Landing Pages" showcasing your products or services. Then, we promote these pages through various channels like:

Search Engines: They optimize your catalog content for relevant keywords to improve your ranking in Google search results.

Ocat Platforms: They promote your catalog on their own business blogs, portal pages, and directory listings.

Social Media: They share your catalog content on social media platforms.

Referral Networks: They connect you with potential customers through their network of partners.

Benefits of using Ocat Business Promotion Service
Increased online visibility: Improved search engine ranking and promotion through various channels can lead to more people discovering your business online.

Content marketing: Ocat helps you create informative and engaging content about your products or services, which can attract and convert potential customers.
Cost-effective: Ocat offers different pricing plans to fit your budget.


2. What is Ocat Platform?
Ocat Platform is a SaaS-based Software that helps to perform cost-effective Business Promotion service through Google Search Results. 

Ocat Platform offers Business Blog, Marketing Portals, Referral Networks, Web Directories, Business Networks, and Content Management System. 


3. What is Ocat Online Catalog?

An Ocat Online catalog is a collection of Bannner Advertisements and Landing Pages of a Business to perform Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Banner Advertising services. 


4. What is Catalog Ads / Banner Ads?

Catalog Ads / Banner Ads  is a common approach to digital marketing that can help businesses promote their products or services online and drive traffic to their websites.

Catalog Ads are graphical ads that appear on websites, social media platforms, and other online channels. They usually contain a visual and textual message that promotes a product or service, along with a clickable link that takes the user to a Website page.

5. What are Ocat Portals?
Ocat Portals can be used to distribute  Catalog Ads  (Banner Ads with Landing Pages) from various Online Catalogs to achieve Search Engine Ranking.

6. Who can use the Ocat Platform?

Even those who do not have technical knowledge in Digital marketing can create  Online Catalog in their website Using the Ocat  Platform. Simple training and guidance on how to start an Ocat Account and guidance are available through Ocat Solutions Providers.


7. What is meant by Content Marketing Services through the Ocat Online Catalog
It’s a continuous process of creating and distributing Catalog Ads related to a business website in Google Search Results. 

Business-related information is regularly published as Catalog Ads to promote BusinessCatalog Ads will be optimized for search engines. Moreover, any specific ads can be promoted through social media paid campaigns to achieve more Website reach.



8. Is it possible to get more visitors to the website using Ocat‌ Online Catalog?
Yes, Incorporating a business website link into different Catalog Ads (Advertisements to promote a Website)  can help you to gain more visitors and enhance the authenticity of the ads. It is also possible to create the required backlinks to improve the visibility of the web page in search engines.


9. Can Entrepreneurs publish new Catalog Ads using Ocat Platform?

Entrepreneurs can create New Catalog Ads.  Entrepreneurs can publish unlimited Catalog Ads in Online Catalog using the Ocat Platform.


10. How does Catalog Ads reach people?
Catalog Ads from the Online Catalog will be published in Google Search results. Catalog Ads are distributed through  Ocat Category Pages, Web Directories, Referral Networks, Business Blog, Business Networks and Social Media to achieve better Search Ranking.


11. What are the benefits to a company of using the Ocat‌  Business Promotion Service?
Ocat Business Promotion Service helps to perform cost-effective Business Promotion Services through SEO, Content Marketing  &  Informative Advertising Services(Catalog Ads). 

It helps to increase sales by making information about a business available to the people in the area where it is intended to be marketed as Catalog Ads.

An online Catalog is an index of Catalog Ads.

Organic Google Search can include Catalog Ads free of charge according to keywords of interest.

Catalog Ads can be used as Online posts on social media (Social Media Share Links) like Facebook.

Distributes the Catalog Ads free of charge through Referral Network.


12. Is SSL Security used in Ocat Online Catalog?
Yes, SSL Security is used for all Catalog Ads in Online Catalog.


13. Are you performing Search Engine Optimization of my Website?
Yes, Ocat can be used to perform various SEO activities like keyword-oriented Web pages, Inbound Links, Referral networks, & Link Popularity.

14. What is Ocat Business Networks?
Ocat offers a Business network service that helps to generate Business leads through Referrals. Whether you’re a small business or a sales professional, recommendations are vital to the growth of your company and sales which is why it’s so important to build a referral network.

Ocat Business networks can also be used to distribute Catalog Ads.

15. Is the Ocat  Report Available? If so, what information is included?
Yes, Ocat Business Promotion Report is included in the footer of all pages of Catalog Ads, which contains detailed information like, Number of visitors the number of visitors in Catalog Ads, Referral Networks & Marketing Portal Pages.




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