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Ocat Platform is a content marketing platform which offers multiple channels to promote Businesses.  Ocat Platform provides Content Management System, Online Catalog, Business Blogs, Referral Networks, Marketing Portals, Advertisements in Web Directory Listings, Virtual Business Cards, Short URL Tools, SEO Tools and business networks to promote Online Catalogs.




Ocat Business Promotion service includes content marketing, informative advertising and search engine optimization.

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Ocat Business Promotion service is designed to execute Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization using Ocat Online Catalog. An Ocat online Catalog will be created on a subdomain of a website. Business-related content will be published as Catalog Ads and Landing pages in Online Catalog. Online Catalog Ads will be promoted through search Engines, social media, Ocat Platform (Business blogs, Ocat Portal pages, Ocat Referral Networks, Ocat Web directory listings,  and Ocat Business networks).





Ocat Business Promotion helps brands to create, Distribute and manage Content across multiple Platforms like Marketing Portals, Search Engines, Social Media, Business Directory Listings, Ocat Marketing Portals, Business Blog, Virtual Business Cards and Referral Networks.


Ocat Online Catalog

Ocat Online Catalog is a Collection of Catalog Ads and Landing Pages in a Domain or Subdomain. 

Catalog Ads are graphical ads that appear on websites, social media platforms, and other online channels. They usually contain a visual and textual message that promotes a product or service, along with a clickable link that takes the user to a Website page.

A landing pages are dedicated web pages designed to receive visitors who have clicked on Catalog Ads . The purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors into leads or customers by presenting a clear and compelling message and call-to-action.


Ocat Platform for Online Catalog promotion

Ocat platform offers various channels to promote online Catalogs.

a). Business Blog

Ocat Platform can be used to create Business Blog. Catalog Ads will be distributed through Business Blog Pages to achieve good Search Engine Ranking.


b). Marketing Portals
Location-based Marketing Portals are included in Ocat Platform.  A marketing portal can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Catalog Ads will be distributed through Ocat Portal Pages.

A unique website used to regularly disseminate information and advertisements (Content) about businesses is known as a marketing portal. Web Ads will be distributed through Marketing Portals.

eg : https://ocat.in/cat/Bangalore/Bakery-Equipment/Commercial-Kitchen-Equipment-Bangalore.aspx


c). Ocat Virtual Business Cards (vCards)
Virtual Business Cards can be created and published through Ocat Platform. Catalog Ads will be distributed through Virtual Business Cards.

Ocat Platform provides  Virtual Business Cards. A vCard is an electronic business (or personal) card and also the name of an industry specification for the kind of communication exchange that is done on business or personal cards.

eg: https://ocat.biz/lijopeter



d). Referral Networks
Ocat Platform offers Referral Networks to promote Websites. Catalog Ads will be distributed through Referral Networks. 

A Referral network is a group of businesses that work together to help their customers. A Referral network typically consists of businesses in related fields that don’t directly complete but instead complement each other's products or services. 

eg : https://catalog.adsinmedia.com/cat/Referral-Network/


e). Ocat Business Directory
Ocat Platform offers Business Directories to promote Online Catalogs. Catalog Ads will be distributed through Business Directory Listings.  


i). Ocat Business Network
Catalog Ads will be distributed through Ocat Business Network.  Ocat Platform provides Business Network services.

eg : https://ocat.biz/lijopeter#network


j). Ocat Web Promotion Report
Ocat  Report is a way that you can analyze various metrics that show how your Website Promotion is performing.





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Ocat Virtual Business Cards (vCards) in Business Networks

Ocat Business Network provides  Virtual Business Cards which can be used to distribute the Catalog Ads. Ocat Platform offers virtual Business Cards and Business Networks.

Virtual Business Cards are electronic formats of your paper business card that you see and share on your smartphone.

Creating Online Marketing Portals through Ocat Platform

In Ocat Platform, Multiple Ocat Marketing Portals are available to distribute Catalog Ads.

Ocat Business Promotion Service - Mastering the Art of Presenting Your Website Effectively

Ocat Platform includes Online Catalog of a Business. Catalog Ads will be published in Online Catalog which will be distributed through Search Engines, Social media, Referral networks, Ocat Category Pages & Business Directory Listings.

Business Promotion through Ocat Business Networks

Catalog Ads will be distributed through the Referral Networks of a Business. 

Ocat Platform offers Referral Networks of a Business to distribute Catalog Ads.

Ocat Business Promotion Service and Search Engine Optimization

Ocat Platform can be used to perform cost-effective Business Promotion service for a Business. Ocat Online Catalog will be configured in a subdomain of your website to perform cost-effective business Promotion services through Content Marketing & Search engine Optimization.

Web Ads as Social Media Share Links from Ocat Online Catalog

Web Ads from Online Catalog can be used as Social Media Share Links. Social Media share links can be created using Ocat  Platform.

Ocat Business Promotion Report
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Business Promotion Service through Content Marketing and SEO
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Catalog Ads - Advertisements to promote Business using Ocat Online Catalog

Catalog Ads are an integral part of Ocat Business Promotion Service and are used to drive traffic, generate leads, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, boost sales and conversions.

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